Commercial Multi-Family

Commercial Multi-Family


Blue Coastal Homes is a privately held investment firm focused on stable, income producing multifamily opportunities in stable and emerging U.S. markets. We target high yield passive cash flow and long term capital appreciation through strategic acquisition and superior asset management. Blue Coastal Homes and its principals has bought, sold and managed over 934 units, valued at over $65 million. With over 25 years of real estate combined experience, Blue Coastal Homes is capitalizing on opportunities created by market conditions to own stabilized multi-family properties in premier locations.

Our target properties generate strong ongoing cash flow income as well as long term wealth potential. Our success and reputation has been built on conservatism, ethics, passion, attention to detail, responsibility, and our belief that trust starts and ends with honesty and integrity.

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Multi-Family Real Estate

Facts support our belief that the United States is expected to experience a significant demand for rental units. rentals. Stagnant job growth and stringent lending guidelines continue to make any decision other than renting difficult for most Americans. Additionally, the prior recession significantly hindered and reduced the supply of new housing.

While construction financing has become easier and new supply is on the rise, the pipeline for new construction is expected to lag U.S. population growth over the long term. All of these factors contribute to continued demand for apartments and Blue Coastal Homes and its investors are poised to take advantage of these economic and demographic factors by acquiring premier multi-family properties with stable cash flow and long term appreciation.



While the market has come back strongly since the Great Recession, our strict investment criteria along with the current economic environment presents a unique and continued opportunity to acquire quality multifamily assets in prime locations at prices which are conservatively underwritten with exciting yet realistic growth and appreciation expectations. We expect these opportunity to increase in the coming years as climbing interest strategy is to smartly and patiently acquire, manage and operate stabilized multifamily assets that generate high yield, passive cash flows. We target strong employment centers with growth and stability trends that better the national averages. We aim to position ourselves and our partners to be able to seize the opportunity to acquire value add opportunities in any market condition achieving strong, long term cash flow as well as upside potential and appreciation for our investors and us.